Our Spring Collection is here!

It may not feel like spring yet--especially if you live in the north like me--but the earth's reliable tilt means we are definitely headed towards warmer weather in our part of the world. We are looking forward to blue skies over our heads and green grass under our feet!

What better way to welcome a new season than with colorful artisan-made treasures sure to brighten your home and wardrobe (and spirits!). We are thrilled to introduce to you our new apparel designs fit for warmer days, cheerful kitchen tools and dishware to liven up your table, and adorable crocheted characters perfect for springtime gifts.

Here are a few of my new favorites -- don't miss them!

We're also excited to introduce you to Weave, the blog at Serrv! We wanted to create a space for our global community to connect and share. Check back for news from our partners, inspiration from our supporters (you!), and more.

Happy spring!

Marketing Director at Serrv