Off to India!

Two of our product designers, Liz Marczak and Jenna Doerfler, are heading to India on Friday...

"Our goals for India include connecting with our artisans on a personal level and seeing how they work. This is the first trip for Serrv for both of us so we are very excited to go on behalf of Serrv and get to meet some of our partners and see their environments! 

This is a good opportunity to see new things that they have been working on, check on quality, and for us to bring new ideas to the table. We also update them on things here at Serrv. Another goal is to check out the social work that they are doing in their communities.
We will also look at Serrv Spring 2017 new samples and make any necessary changes."

They will visit our partners Tara Project, Noah's Ark, Asha Handicrafts, Creative Handicrafts, and MarketPlace: Handwork of India.

Do you have any questions for them to ask while they're in India?

Safe travels Liz and Jenna!