Behind the Scenes: "Work Made by Family" in Ecuador

The traditional woven wool textiles from Otavalo, Ecuador make a walk through the town's markets a sea of color and pattern. Indigenous weavers have been creating these textiles for centuries and continue the tradition today. Now, workshops seek to find new ways to incorporate fabrics into designs that feel fresh and in tune with today's trends.

Serrv works with an artisan workshop called "Ayllu Maki", which means "work made by family" in the indigenous language of Quechua. Lucila Cachiguango (far right in photo below) and her family run the workshop and partner with local weavers in their community to combine their textiles with leather and suede. The resulting designs are expertly crafted and showcase the fabric combinations in unexpected ways.

 Lucila (far right) and her family

Lucila (far right) and her family

"I really love to sew...through this craft, I've been able to put my children through school and university. Now my son helps with the administrative part of the business." - Lucila

Celebrate the vivid woven traditions of Ecuador and support the weavers of Otavalo who are continuing this artistry! Browse all of Ayllu Maki's work at, or click the items below.