Creating Opportunity for Mothers

For more than 12 years, Morsheda has woven beautiful baskets with our partner, Dhaka Handicrafts. Before becoming a weaver, she and her husband earned a steady living as small-scale farmers in their village of Hapunia, Bangladesh. When a nearby river rose and flooded their home and property, they suddenly found themselves without a reliable source of income. Luckily, Morsheda secured work with Dhaka Handicrafts and her husband found seasonal employment in agricultural labor.

Over the years Morsheda has been able to save income through Dhaka Handicraft's artisan savings program. The family built a new hut with their initial savings. More recently, Morsheda dedicated her income towards sending her children to school, including her daughter Afroza (below). Afroza is currently studying at Sherpur Degree College and hopes to join the Bangladesh Army after she completes her college studies. Her success has inspired other young girls in their rural neighborhood to go to school.

 Morsheda and her daughter, Afroza

Morsheda and her daughter, Afroza


"I appreciate what Dhaka Handicrafts has done for my mother. They trained her and helped earn a good amount of money each month. It is gratifying to realize that Dhaka Handicrafts help many destitute and extremely poor people secure a standard of living. Many girls like me are able to find their hope of life realized and open doors to self-reliance."


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