A Wall of Baskets: Make a Statement!

Tired of filling your walls with the typical framed photo? Want to give the room a fresh pop of shape and color? A woven basket wall display could be just what you need!

Nothing beats the unexpected texture and dimension that a basket collage gives a space. We love using a variety of sizes and colorful patterns to create a cheerful statement.

Begin with a larger, "focal point" basket, and add the same size/smaller baskets nearby- try overlapping for an interesting effect. You may want to arrange the baskets on the floor or a table first to test out different combinations and see what works! When you're ready to hang, a small nail through the center of the basket should be sufficient (be careful not to damage the woven coils when sticking the nail through). Or, for a different look, hang the basket using the loop at the rim and the bottom of the basket facing outwards.

For a simpler look, combine a couple of baskets on the wall with a coordinating basket sitting on a shelf or table. The possibilities are endless!

We even have a basket wall in our Madison, WI office! Can you tell we love 'em?

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